Dress Rehearsal, photo by Rosario Villajos www.garlicville.net

Dress Rehearsal, photo by Rosario Villajos www.garlicville.net

Gold Workshop


Hi, welcome to pedHead productions. I’m Rupert Peddle, steadicam owner operator and camera operator and assistant. I have experience working in short and feature films, music videos, live events, documentary and sports videos operating with many different cameras, from dSLRs to Red Epic, Arri Amira and Alexa. Being a university educated engineer I have a great grasp of the technical side of filmmaking and the equipment used on set and can pick up new technologies and techniques quickly.

My journey in film started composing and developing still images on black and white film, before moving into digital stills and making short videos. Since then I have built up experience as Trainee, 2nd AC, Focus Puller and Operator, there is always something new to learn and skills to practice. I have attended the GBCT Focus Pullers Workshop and I am a member of the BFI Network / BAFTA Crew programme.

A few years ago I had an opportunity to start to learn the art of the Steadicam and jumped on it, I couldn’t resist the combination of free form dynamic camera work, physical dexterity, choreography and nerdy technical equipment all coming together to make natural feeling, fluid shots. I have since been professionally trained by Tiffen and have attended the Bronze, Silver and Gold Steadicam Workshops. The Gold workshop was especially good as the tutors were some of the best working operators in the UK. I took the plunge and own an upgraded Tiffen Clipper2 Steadicam rig which can handle all the latest digital cinema cameras including the Arri Alexa and lightweight film cameras such as the Arriflex 416 and Arricam LT. In keeping with performing dynamic camera movement, I have also have had training and experience setting up and operating Movi and DJI gimbals.

On set, I’m known for being very personable, hard working and able to get well with others while keeping a level head and a sense of humour under pressure. I’m always keen to learn more from those around me and relish any chance to work on projects large and small. I’m based in London but happy to travel countrywide and can transport all my equipment to any location in my customised van.